The Search for Nimbus

London Callers, I have been sitting on my hands for a couple of days in relative silence. Not because I was afraid to face my supporters (and distractors), but because I didn’t know what to say. I had my last Hail Mary this morning with Garmin. Their office hours are M-F 7-7 (some office hours … Read more

Update: Adapting on the Row

We had a fabulous send-off and will post in detail to thank all the people involved. But first we wanted to share what’s been happening. It starts with this – you may have noticed on the tracker that we’ve headed back to land and done a bit of circling. Things have not gone according to … Read more

Champion Rower and Mother of Four Ready to Take on the Atlantic Ocean Just a year ago, Elizabeth Gilmore was learning sweep rowing with Capital Rowing Club, while working full-time managing a data science team and raising a family with her husband. Now, she’s preparing for the journey of a lifetime.In June, Elizabeth plans to … Read more

London Callers,

Channel 7

Hello all and thank you for last Sunday to everyone who came out and even the ones who didn’t come out but gave us their support. It was a big success and I think everyone had a good time checking out the boat and getting some swag. If you didn’t know, Channel 7 was on … Read more

Rowing a Marathon

Boston Marathon

Last Monday was the 128th running of the Boston Marathon, the oldest continually run marathon in the world. The first Boston Marathon came in 1897, a year after the re-emergence of the Olympic Games in 1896 held in Athens, Greece. Of all of the Olympic events, none was more historic than the Marathon won by … Read more

Insights from the Captain

Bryan Fuller rowing

This is a reprint of the email update Captain Bryan Fuller sends out to his team of incredible supporters. Sign up for the newsletter to be a part of this exciting adventure. This last week, we brought in our fourth and final rower, Klara Anstey, 51-year-old mother of two from Wales. Klara is an accomplished … Read more