London Callers,

Hello all and thank you for last Sunday to everyone who came out and even the ones who didn’t come out but gave us their support. It was a big success and I think everyone had a good time checking out the boat and getting some swag.

If you didn’t know, Channel 7 was on hand and our little community made the 7PM news. By the many accounts I have heard, it was pretty well done.

Here is the link.

In addition to Channel 7, Channel 25 is coming on Friday morning to do an ad hoc workout with me and interview me. I tried to get them to come to our 6:30AM class, but no dice on that one.

Further…This coming Monday, I am doing an episode of Here and Now for NPR. It will be airing just after “Building better mental health: Advice from experts…Do I need therapy?” I am not sure why my segment comes right after that, but I am sure they had their reasons. But, pretty cool, over 5 million subscribers per episode.

This weekend we are taking out Nimbus for an overnight row up to Magnolia (give or take). We might be in sight, but we also want to avoid the rocks.

Anyway…if all of the media is getting to be too much, I am already sick of me too. Also, if you want a t-shirt or water bottle feel free to ask. If I do say so myself, they look pretty great. We have polos and tshirts in limited quantity. Polos – $40, Tess – $30. I need to order some more smaller sizes.

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