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This great adventure is made possible through the generous support of those who believe in taking on challenges and pushing limits to achieve unbelievable heights and distances. Please, consider making a donation to make this trip possible or to one of our causes listed below and be a part of changing our world one stroke at a time. Join our team and give us the strength to power through from Boston to London!


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I got my start in rowing at Community Rowing, Inc. in Boston MA through their free outreach program that allows Veterans (like myself – Go Army) to train in crew rowing for free.

This program is designed specifically to help Veterans deal with PTSD and is a lifeline of support for local service members. This program was so influential to me that in 2012, I rowed across the Atlantic (Spain to Barbados) to raise funds for this program. We raised approximately $35,000 to help pay for my excursion and to support the program. It also gave me a springboard to talk about the importance of Veteran care and to recruit other Veterans to the program.

This time around, I am going to spend a whole year promoting the program with a goal of raising $50,000 to support the Veteran Program.

Consider helping me with my London Calling Row!


Elizabeth Gilmore WWF

World Wildlife Fund aims to preserve nature and reduce pressing threats to the diversity of life on earth. They believe that healthy oceans benefit the planet, people, prosperity, and peace, and have ambitious goals to protect our oceans as well as the marine life who make it their home.

Not only is the ocean an integral part of the world’s environment, but it will surround us for our voyage. There will be times when the ocean currents will help propel us towards London, and there may be times when the ocean waves get strong enough that we need to throw the sea anchor and hunker down in the cabins. I’m looking forward to seeing a variety of marine animals and a space in the world that I rarely see in my regular life.

50% of every dollar donated supports our journey across the North Atlantic and 50% supports the WWF charity.