Safety Measures

There is as much that goes into safety of the crew as goes into the boat itself.

Our Goal for this trip is:

Training - The Crew is required to be trained an certified in a variety of tasks

  • Boat – Ed (Official Boater Safety Courses and Boat Safety Education Materials): All Crew Members

  • General Radio – General Radiotelephone Operator License (PG): Captain and Radio Operator

  • Cold Water Survival Training – All Crew

  • CPR Certification – All Crew

  • Navigation – Raymarine Manual Review : 1st Mate and Navigator

  • Two Day on the Water Training – Crew to take a 24 row two weeks prior to leaving: All Crew

Safety Equipment - Systems and back up systems to safeguard the crew

  • Short Wave Radio for communicating with other ships

  • EPIRB – Emergency Locator Beacon activated by submersion

  • Safety Harness – Worn at all time, attaches crew’s waist harness to safety line. The safety line and harness are strong enough to support the weight of the crew member

  • Four person life raft – Certified by Life Raft & Survival Equipment, Inc

  • Life preservers – Certified by Life Raft & Survival Equipment, Inc

  • Medical Kit – Assembled by Dr. John Lowry 1st Mate plus crew logs of all physical issues

  • Personal Crew Kits – Whistle and strobe light, worn at all times

  • Safety Suits – Each crew member will be assigned a safety suit in the event of a ditch

  • Cold Weather Gear – Each crew member will be assigned warm weather gear

  • Daily Safety Checks – Dr. John Lowry will perform a basic safety check on all crew each day