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London Callers, Some of you have reached out and asked me questions, many are comical, many are savvy. I thought I would share a few with you.

1) What are you looking forward to?
Leaving Boston Harbor and passing Cape Cod. All of the rocks and islands will be behind us and we won’t have to be staring over the bow at all times. Rocks make me nervous.

2) What did you learn on your 24-hour row?-We still have a lot of work ahead of us before we can launch and the boat is faster than I thought, plus more comfortable.

3) With less than 10 days to go, what has to get done?-Yikes, a lot. I need finish doing the mapping for our website so you can follow along. I need to practice navigation with John. I need to put the stickers on the boat. I need to finish loading everything and organizing where everything is. Gary needs to do some finishing touches on the parts and I need to order some back ups…plus I am training someone to manage this place while I am gone.

Fortunately, she’s really amazing.4) What keeps you up at night?-Going through all of the systems to make sure I got everything. I want to make sure I didn’t just randomly forget something important. Odd fact about me…I love to cook for friends. I often overdo it and I will comically prepare something and forget it in the fridge until we are done with dinner. This is keeping me up at night, what am I going to leave behind?

5) What will keep you going when things get rough?- Thinking about all of the people back here who are rooting for me to succeed and how I don’t want to let them down. Seriously, I have had nightmares, not about waves or sharks or being run over by giant freighters, I stay up at night working about meeting everyone down by not reaching England (in ideally record time). I love these questions as it shows how engaged people are and how excited people are to follow us. You will be able to see our hour-by-hour progress on a map on our homepage starting June 1, 2024. 

If anyone wants to see us actually launch…and I hope many of you do, we are leaving from Mayor Menino Park on 6/1/2024 at 10AM. The park is located at 89 16th Street in Charlestown. Parking is a little crazy so plan ahead.  
Rowing on the water
I also want to give a big shout-out to those that have donated to support us. A handful of close friends have donated generously, but this challenge is shockingly expensive and there are a few things we would like to get/do before we go. If you could help us out by making a small donation, it would go a long way toward seeing us succeed. Our trip specific gofundme page can be found here. We ideally need to raise another $10,000 before we go. I still need to purchase a laptop for the trip (so I can send back videos), Starlink data transfer, hard drives, and boat cleaning storage once we get there. Like I said, we could really use your help.

But, if you would prefer to donate to one of the non-profits we support, we would be grateful as well. 
(Bryan) The Veteran Crew Program at CRI is here.
(John) Spaulding Adaptive Sports is here
(Elizabeth) World Wildlife Fund is here
(Klara) London Youth Rowing is here

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